Charles-Elie Bertrand COUTURE
Born in Nancy in 1956, graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Knight of National Merit, Knight of the Legion of HONOR, Knight of Arts and Letters.
A photographer and painter, as well as a composer and poet, CharlElie COUTURE is a multidisciplinary artist.
Signed by Chris Blackwell on Island Record in 1981, at age 25, he achieved notoriety in Europe for his musical achievements. There follow 25 albums (including "Poems Rock"), as well as 2000 concerts, and 25 soundtracks (including "Tchao Pantin").
In addition to books of photographs ("Hotel Dreams" released at "Plume / Marval" and "NewYORK BY" released in the "Oak", CharlElie also publishes collections of drawings, others of visual poems ("Transfocus" ), the "Sugar Dragons" and the "Mist Corridor" news books as well as books of reflections and essays such as "the paradoxical inventory of small pleasures".
Pioneer of the Web in the 90s, he participated in many conferences on Art and Culture, developing the theory of "creative interactivities" and clarifying the definition of the questions "Art and Crafts".
Based in New York for 15 years, CharlElie has dual French-American nationality.
For 5 years he manages Manhattan West Side, a unique meeting place, both Workshop and Art gallery on 37th Street.
CharlElie exhibits in France and the United States.
"In / out-Out / in", "Constructs", "Photograffs", "Innerportraits" and "Urban Silhouettes", his "multistatic" work is a conceptual journey around the question of Existence, or how define between the identified conscious and the unconscious emotional.

Selection of works on request