Fanny Dubois began painting in the 1990s, while studying art history at the Université Paris-Nanterre. Inspired by classical techniques, his work is initially oriented towards an experimental path. Among other things, she explores the potential of minimal sculpture, considered here as a drawing in space, thanks to the use of metallic wires. The notions of light and immediacy are thus called into question, with a subtle interplay between the clean material and its shadow.   From 2008, these questions become fundamental in his work, which is increasingly based on photographic images. During a stay in Brazil, she photographed night views in Sao Paulo and then used them to make embroideries. Starting in 2010, she began a series entitled "La nuit", night views on a black velvet background, photographic focus by painting : the landscape is thus suggested by the setting of light.   From then on, she stayed regularly in Japan. Photographs taken in Tokyo or Kyoto, the glittering nights turn into paintings and sometimes drawings. The moment, its restitution by light and the passage of time are at the center of Fanny Dubois' artistic approach. In his recent productions, the view on the landscape remains essential and, since 2020, the daily practice of drawing has been added to painting and phography, in this obsession to reproduce the moment. Her work has been exhibited in France, Brazil and Japan. group exhibitions 2021 -Présence d'artistes, Galerie Cour 16, Paris - Dadatura, Atelier des Vertus, Paris ( 04/09 - 26/09) -Prélude à Dadatura, Atelier des Vertus (15/06 - 04/07) 2020 - Dessin au Quartier Drouot, 19e édition, galerie Cour 16, Paris - Exhiobition with A.Miura at Galerie Cour 16, Paris 2018 2ePontifex, Atelier des Vertus, Paris 2017 Paris Mai, Galerie Luc Berthier, Paris, France 2016 Les désordres d’Eros, Galerie Luc Berthier, Paris 2015 Les petits de mes amis, Galerie Luc Berthier, Paris 2014 - PINK, Galerie Usagi, Paris - Girls Rock Japan, Parades Gallery, Matsumoto, Japon - Miss you, avec A.Akiyama, Galerie Usagi, Paris 2013 Tenugii & hankachi, Yamagoya Gallery, MoveArt Management, Tokyo, Japon 2012 In the city, Galerie Pierrick Touchefeu, Sceaux, France 2010 Imaginaire autour du livre, Château Musée de Nemours, France 2009 Exposition d’inauguration, 59 RivoliAftersquat, Paris 2008 - Bon voyage, Mica, Sao Paolo, Brésil -Artcurial, Galerie Espace Ventes privées, Paris 2006 Mise en scène II, Galerie Sparts, Paris SOLO 2014 : RAW : Moxie, Tokyo, Japon 2011 - Stars, Atelier Martel Architectes, Paris - La nuit, Moxie, Tokyo, Japon - 2003 Chrysalide, Chez Robert Electron Libre-59Rivoli, Paris 1996 : master’s degree in art history and archaeology, Université Paris X Nanterre 

Selected works

Fanny Dubois, (née en 1972), Tokyo, 24/02/2011 00.23

Signed and dated "Fanny Dubois 2014" on the reverse
30 x 30 cm

Artist Workshop

700,00 €
Fanny Dubois, (née en 1972), Tokyo, Shinjuku, 2013

signed, dated and titled on the reverse
Ink on washi paper
38x49 cm

900,00 €
Fanny Dubois, Kyoto 10/10/14 17:02  (278), 2020

signed, dated, titled and located on the reverse
Oil paint on blue velvet
80 x 120 cm

4 000,00 €
Fanny Dubois, Fanny Dubois (née en 1972), Tokyo 14/04/13 19:28 (858), 2020

signed, dated, titled and located on the reverse
Oil paint on black velvet
33 x 24 cm

1 500,00 €
Fanny Dubois, (née en 1972), Escape, 2021

watercolour and inks on Arches paper
26x36 cm

550,00 €