Gilles Drouin is a French artist working in Paris. After a pictorial period based on lyrical expression, his work was oriented from 2011 towards geometric abstraction. Gradually, the quadrilateral imposed itself on him. The geometric square is the pendant of the square in algebra, that is, of the multiplication of an element by itself. Gilles Drouin takes up this principle and multiplies this figure – consciously or unconsciously – by regularly modifying the representation system. The square is sometimes treated by a grid, by the treatment of full and empty, of superpositions of forms. More recently, also by a mixture of bi and three-dimensional, or rotating elements. This treatment of form suggests to the spectator the sensation of a movement of matter. Gilles Drouin regularly exhibits in Parisian galleries, at Réalités Nouvelles and abroad (Poland, Montenegro, China, etc.).

Selected work

Gilles Drouin, Tetragon liberty, 2021

signed, dated and titled on the reverse
acrylic painting on canvas
40 x 40 cm

1 700,00 €