Marc Lerude

Né(e) en 1954

Born in 1954 in Villeneuve Saint Georges, in the Parisian suburbs, he spent his childhood in the Alps, not far from the town of Saint-Jean de Maurienne. 
After an experience in environmental problems, he had the chance, when he was 34 years old, to meet a master sculptor, Robert Pérot, from whom he received a solid training. 
It was the start of an artistic adventure: in a small workshop, next the master’s one, in Villejuif, he began to realize his own works. A creative fever took hold of him and never left him, as if he were propelled by a previously unknown force. He was driven by a need to give birth to an abstract expression and by the desire to achieve a kind of plunge into abstraction. At first, all this seemed unreachable but gradually a personal approach close to non-figuration made its way into me. By deploying a series of landscapes or spaces, fields of immensity opened up before him and revealed a part of the unfathomable. A new geography was gradually taking shape and its outlines became more and more precise—places that he is continuing to explore even today, which are responses from the infinite. He stand at the threshold of its borders. Like a tireless walker, never satisfied, He is carrying on his search again and again, as a faithful servant of unknown cosmic powers. 
Having a dialogue with color and colors and the vibration they emanate, synonymous with the origins of life; walking towards an original place where the colors combine: beyond the colored veil, a presence, a powerful vibration, and a touch of timelessness spread out. "From then on, the painter that I had become, after this ascent on the path of the ultimate and this so abstract extreme, could take a freer and poetic path. Nevertheless it is indispensable to seek and experiment in order to go towards this always further; it is indispensable to move the borders, to open them in order to settle in the place where everything is dazzling and where the answer to the deepest questions is hidden."  
His approach to abstract sculpture was just as demanding, and proceeded from the same process: seeking a balance of volumes, harmony of void and full, sublimation of matter to breathe life into it. From then on, from a seemingly immobile matter, the being hidden in it will emerge.     
NOTE: He also benefited from the advice and encouragement of the painter Louis Nallard, professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and of the painter and engraver Dickran Daderian, massier of the Henri Goetz Academy.

Selection of works on request