Recently missing, René-Pierre Jacot-Descombes is a Swiss artist who worked and lived in France.
Key dates:
- 1930: birth in Yverdon
- Initial formation of ceramist, encouragement of Gérard Sandoz
- 1954: arrival in Paris, frequents La Grande Chaumière, Zadkine, Constant, Darnaud, Badia
- 1965 : creation of his studio in Montmartre
- 1979: entry to the Daum Crystal, creation of animals, the Cactus line (for Hilton Mac Connico), and glass
icks cars - 2007: died in Paris

Selected works

René-Pierre Jacot-Descombes, Anneau ouvert pièce unique

Wood Dimensions 9 cm diameter 13
René-Pierre Jacot-Descombes, Bouquetin 98 pièce unique

Poetic Figuration
techniques Black Ceramic
18 x 16 x 7 cm
monogrammed and dated