Roger Bensasson, born in 1931 in Paris, lives and works in Bagnolet. He is a visual artist of the built art movement and a concrete artist. He attended the academies of Montparnasse (Henri Tasetz's grand hut and workshop) and taught at the Goetz Daderian Academy from 1986 to 1997. The Roger Bensasson approach 'By incision and cutting, the use of cardboard allows me the relief, the hollow, the empty, the full and the painted.The canvas only allows the paints. This arsenal of possibilities offers me infinite variations. The search for simplicity to express myself, leads me to use only one sign and two colors. Combinations that I did not foresee, see the day. The last realization proposes the following ... The imagination is constantly solicited. The least difference is the interest: almost the same and yet different. This movement, this renewal becomes the living game by the multiple and constant possibilities. '

Selection of works on request