Wanda Davanzo was born in 1920 in Naples, Italy. Very young she went to Paris where her family settled. Attracted by painting, she received a classical training from her father, a figurative painter. In addition to her secondary studies, she followed the teaching of the Grande Chaumière. At twenty she left Paris and settled in Haut de Cagnes where she met many artists: Gérard Schneider, Marie Raymond, Bran Van Velde, Jean Villeri, André Verdet. She also became friends with the Renoir family. She married and left in 1947 in Argentina where she lived until 1964. She participated in the intellectual and artistic life of Buenos Aires. She meets Doctor Aldo Pelligrini with whom she translates Paul Eluard and René Daumal. She becomes friends with the writer Ernesto Sabato, meets Alejandro Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges. It was during this period that his plastic conception of the full space was developed, a conception which went against the grain of research then carried out in South America. It is presented to Michel Tapié who brings him the certainty that his isolated research joins a current of thought which begins to be born in different points of the world. Upon her return to France in 1964, she moved to Paris and reconnected with her friends, attended the workshop of Etienne Martin and met Robert Marteau. She meets Michel Tapié again, who will take her to numerous exhibitions. Faced with the multiplicity of contemporary art, she became aware of the need to bring together artists carrying out similar research, it was the creation of group V in 1971 and participation in numerous group fairs and exhibitions. In 1970, she moved to Sèvres and married Jean Campa. Her work intensifies, she meets the poet Guillevic with whom she will make the book "Night" and the sculptor Adam Sjoholm with whom she will exhibit. From 1980, her production became extremely important, she became interested in all techniques: engraving, lithography, mosaic, ceramic ... She met Pierre Von Allmen who organized numerous exhibitions in France and Switzerland. During one of them, she meets the poet Jacques Lèbre. In the 90's she stepped back a little to devote her energy fully to her work. She produces many very large formats and continues to renew herself in a surprising way.

Selection of works on request