Christian (or Chris) Barbançon was born in 1940 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) and disappeared in 1994.
His first contacts with the painting date from 1955, first worker, he is really devoted to art From 1962 on his return from the war in Algeria. He works in Paris and starts exhibiting in the late 80s. He exhibits his works in the main Salons: Realities news, May, Big and Young Today, Comparisons ... and participates in many group exhibitions . Galleries dedicated a special exhibition to him, including the Point du Jour Gallery in Boulogne, 'La Galerie', 'La Pochade' and the Serge Garnier Gallery in Paris. His works appear in numerous collections, both private and public, and in particular those of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.
Christian Barbançon's plastic work is resolutely non-figurative, but evocative of the scratched mother-earth, punctuated by spontaneous and dynamic signs (often in the form of a triangle), punctuated by the shades of monochrome, sometimes marked with patches of a Bright red or intense blue.
let him speak about his painting himself:
distort the beautiful-recto
 Extract in the fiber
That sensual grimace
Accomplice of the other side
Scratch the smooth monotone
 Of my winters-mirror
Mark the furrow-shudder
Provoke the unreasonable
And interrogate
The reason that escapes me
Sweep the space
Who separates me
And this truce
Who balances
Docile ticking
Time dripping
Fix vertigo
Of the color sound-image
In the vortex of the hole-hole
Sinister white square
Where the crazy dream carries me
Well beyond
Of expression
Euphemistic and muzzled
From my poor handwriting
And scream again
So that life does not fall
Out of order
in: booklet gallery Serge Garnier

Selected works

Christian Barbançon, Orange et bleu - 513

Signed lower right
130 x 100 cm
Christian Barbançon, Composition brute

Signed lower left
Gouache or watercolor
28,5 x 24,5 cm
Christian Barbançon, Composition

Signed lower right
40 x 40 cm